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The Estonian Defence Forces Artillery Battalion used Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS UGVs in a live-fire exercise to provide advanced situational awareness, conduct casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) and to support units manoeuvre while providing direct fire support from various positions.

During the exercise held in April, two THeMIS UGVs were used by the Artillery Battalion: the THeMIS Combat Support integrated with FN Herstal’s deFNder® Light Remote Weapon System (RWS) with a 7,62 mm machine gun and the THeMIS Observe with Acecore’s tethered drone.

The THeMIS Combat was tasked with supporting an advance force that consisted of an antitank weapons team and a forward observer’s team. The main task of the UGV was to provide covering fire and support the retreat of the two teams to main positions as well as transporting their anti-tank weapons. At the main battle position the UGV was used for casualty evacuation.

The THeMIS Observe provided overwatch and enhanced the battalion’s situational awareness. The use of a tethered attachment to the THeMIS UGV provides tactical units with 24 hours of constant observation of the operational area that is essential in the situational awareness prospective as well as peace time live-fire safety perspective.

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